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With inspiration drawn directly from the traditional Myconian cuboid houses strewn over the island, the architecture mimics traditional villages where buildings have grown organically together and evolved to surround the town hall. In the hotel's case, instead of a hall, the beating heart is the central swimming pool and out door restaurant, complete with a private dining room that overlooks the 'village' and stunning south-facing terrace below.



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Despite echoing the island's historic architecture, the casa cook trademark contemporary style is woven seamlessly into the design. Modern interiors, raw wooden furnishings and tarnished ceramics create a sense of pared-back luxury. Décor is simple and chic, complimented by rattan interiors, patterned cushions and neutral linens.

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Casa Cokk Mykonos Mockup Room Lowres
Casacookmykonos Day
Casa Cook Mykonos By Georg Roske
Casa Cook Mykonos Mockup Room Lowres