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Casa Cook Rhodes

Travel Update

We're ready - your safety is our priority

To ensure the health and safety of our guests, the protocols we follow at Casa Cook Rhodes are based on the ongoing official guidelines issued by the Greek authorities. These protocols are implemented into every procedure and service offered by the hotel to our guests.


Even during these challenging times we strive to provide an excellent service for all our guests whilst ensuring the highest possible hygienic standards. Thereby we comply with all guidelines and official hygiene regulations issued by the Greek government. Our staff members have received a training on the implementation of this hygiene code through an independent certifying body, approved by the Greek authorities.


Management & Staff

Our management team has also been trained and certified according to official procedures and has developed a specific action plan to deal with any potential cases of COVID-19, which will be readjusted as necessary. We have implemented all appropriate safety measures, such as gloves and masks, and will continue to comply with hygiene guidelines such as safe distancing and regular disinfection. All procedures and services offered by the hotel are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 (HACCP).


Check-in & Check-out Process

All arrival and departure processes are carried out swiftly through the use of digital systems that is entirely paperless. The process is quick, safe, and, as always, in accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR). Guests are shown to their rooms via club cars so that all protection and disinfection guidelines can be followed with each transfer. Guests are welcome to check in or out from 11:00 to 16:00. In case you arrive outside of these times, please let us know here.

Cleaning Services

To guarantee comfort and safety for all guests, each room is thoroughly cleaned with every new arrival, using not only appropriate detergents and disinfectants, but essential equipment, such as steam cleaners.  Furthermore,  all rooms are sufficiently ventilated. 


During each stay,  guests’ rooms are cleaned every second day – or on request, on a daily basis – always in accordance with the approved local health protocols. Communal areas of the hotel are regularly and efficiently cleaned and disinfected throughout the day from 07:30 to 23:30. All guests are provided with their own antiseptic gel, disposable masks, and antiseptic wipes.

Food & Drink

Guests are invited to relax in the Kitchen Club and pool bar with safe distances between tables, as well as disinfection after every sitting. All menus are available digitally on our app which can be easily downloaded via a QR code. Antiseptic wipes are available at every table, while antiseptic gel is readily available throughout all communal areas.


Gym & Treatment Cabanas

Guests are welcome to use the hotel’s gym or enjoy a treatment in one of our cabanas, however are urged to change and shower in their rooms as the use of showers and lockers in the changing rooms is not prohibited. Inside the gym, the number of guests per room is limited to the current guidelines of official health protocols. The cleaning of the gym and spa complies with the general hygiene regulations followed by the rest of the hotel.


Guests can unwind by the pool and rest assured social distancing rules have been taken care of and relevant disinfection and cleaning procedures have been implemented. Our staff members are always present and at guests’ disposal throughout the pool area.

Social Distancing Rules

We kindly ask our guests to follow the staff's requests and comply with social distancing rules of 1.5 metres between groups, with the exception of chaperones and families, in accordance with the guidelines from authorities. To minimize the risk of infection, all documentation will be sent to guests via email or via our app. Also we kindly recommend to use credit or debit cards for transactions and kindly avoid paying with cash. In order to provide a safe environment for all guests, entrance is only permitted to those staying at Casa Cooks Rhodes.

Your Help

The whole team at Casa Cook Rhodes has been working relentlessly to implement these comprehensive protection measures to ensure that all our guests can have a relaxed and worry-free stay in a safe and laid-back atmosphere. However, the success of our efforts relies on teamwork. So we hope that you acknowledge the previously mentioned rules and recommendations, and help us with making Casa Cook Rhodes a safe and relaxing place for all of us.


Keep calm & travel safely,

Your Casa Cook Rhodes team