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The historic concept of a Grecian village has been reimagined into a modern space with down-to-earth, inclusive design inspired by the traditional Greek houses, or Kamares, found in Samian villages. Paying homage to these charming towns, the hotel’s format sees swimming pools as the centres of each neighbourhood, where like-minded guests can meet and mingle.


Throughout the space, there is a clear emphasis on the fluidness of indoor and outdoor, with inside areas merging seamlessly into shaded outside spaces.

Parea Chillout Reception Main Pool ( )
Parea Chillout Lifestyle

The earthy textures and colours that make up the hotel are inspired by the local land and its organic elements: the abundant greenery echoes the island’s fertile vegetation; while the endless pools of water throughout mimic the landscape’s countless waterfalls, rivers and shores.


As such, nature intertwines flawlessly with social vibrancy at Casa Cook Samos. Six swimming pools surrounded by plush sun lounges provide meeting places to be paired with handcrafted cocktails and mellow DJ sets.


A gym and outdoor yoga shala provide space for those who wish to exercise both body and mind, while the wellness centre – complete with spa suites, hammam massages and a nail salon – offers guests a quiet space to unwind and indulge.

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