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To Kima Beach Club

Eat, Play and Gather

TO KIMA – Casa Cook’s Beach Club nestled against the dunes, it’s the hotel’s heart and communal hangout. Its thatched roof and wide-open spaces - connecting restaurant, bar and pool - echo the windswept beach and ocean of blue just beyond. The tropical-meets-mid century style, hints at the changing rhythms throughout the day. Bright sunny mornings flow into lazy and indulgent afternoons spent grazing on the kitchen’s tasty Mediterranean bites.
Evenings pick up pace when our DJ sets the mood for a spectacular sunset and planned or impromptu happenings. Gather your friends for a Meze-style feast, or kick back in the lounge as the tide and music melt to create Casa Cook’s unique summer beat.

To Kima´s Kitchen

Nature's goodness

Our restaurant’s farm-to-table focus bears the signature of Corfiot Italian restaurateur Ettore Botrini. Together with Chef Theodora Lampropoulou and her team he has created a menu that’s decidedly Mediterranean yet with a modern twist. Big, healthy breakfast spreads are followed by local specialities and international favourites. Each making the most of the fresh Grecian bounty, brought in by local farmers and fishermen.

Prime juicy meats and fresh-off-the-boat seafood are given a bold flavour boost, while soul-food pasta is handmade with lots of love. So bring an appetite and gather your friends – our sun-kissed dishes are meant to be enjoyed together.

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