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Blending ancient and modern traditions, our Casa Cook Spa embodies a holistic and integrated approach to wellbeing. The moment you enter our sanctuary, you’ll be enveloped by an atmosphere of calm indulgence. Across the three treatment rooms – each with a private shower - the sauna overlooking a tranquil courtyard, a hammam and indoor pool, every corner has been designed to soothing effect. Lavish in their simplicity, and attention to detail, the spaces make liberal use of natural materials like wood and stone, enhanced by accessories and a palette in muted colours. Yet this, the environment, is only the beginning of your complete spa retreat.

You’ll be welcomed by our team of in-house and visiting spa therapists who will help guide you in selecting the perfect treatment. Whether your mind or muscles need super-charging or deep release, our therapeutic methods are sure to induce a blissful state. 


Skilled hands also make use of potent natural products like aromatherapy oils and plant hydrosols to enhance the experience and healing effects. Among the choices are a range of full-body massages, each from a different tradition and continent. For a true local experience try the Hippocratic Anatripsis Massage – a therapy that dates back to ancient Greece and is inspired by the physician Hippocrates, who resided in Kos. The domed hammam is another highlight, which you are invited to use following any treatment.

For the full experience, book one of our three Hammam Rituals. For a deeper insight into the products and their healing properties, ask about our special workshops. You’ll learn about the herbs, while mixing up essential and organic oils to create your own take-home aromatherapy blend.

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