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When you stay at a Casa Cook hotel, you’ll become part of our community. And that’s why we’ll give you some added extras when you book directly with us. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a late check out time, so you can make the very most of every second of your stay. Or you might take advantage of reduced price massages, treatments and spa rituals, bringing an added layer of relaxation to your time away.


If sleeping in and lazy lunches are your kind of thing, take advantage of a late check-out time at:

  • Casa Cook El Gouna
  • Casa Cook Mykonos
  • Casa Cook North Coast
  • Casa Cook Samos


If you need your stresses to melt away into the distance, a massage could be the solution. Take advantage of spa discounts at:

  • Casa Cook Mykonos
  • Casa Cook Samos
  • Casa Cook El Gouna


Cheers to an indulgent vacation with a bottle of complimentary Prosecco at:

  • Casa Cook Rhodes
  • Casa Cook Rhodes Greece 2