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Eat & Drink — Kitchen Club

Bites, beats and breezy
beach style

Meet us at the Kitchen Club – what we like to call our hangout, where the bar, restaurant and pool area seamlessly merge. From early morning and well into the night, it’s the central spot to relax and revel together. Throughout the day we serve fresh and tasty delights. It’s also our ‘stage’ for frequent happenings – from daily sunset gatherings to chilled-out evenings filled with our DJ’s beats. Come and join us.

Kitchen club food


Inspired by the local tradition of sharing and gathering, chef Kyriakos gives his own twist to Meze plates from Greece and its neighbours. Take your pick from the meats and seafood options, which we’ll grill just right over a charcoal flame.

It’s all about freedom of choice, so you’ll always find both healthy and indulgent selections. Whether it’s a juicy burger, grilled fish, pasta or a vegan dish, it’s been made with passion and the purest ingredients. We source most from the island’s farms and even grow the herbs right on site.

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Poolside sip

Watermelon Cooler

Quench your cravings with our signature cocktail, the Watermelon Cooler, handcrafted by our head bartender Michalis Xipas. Made with fresh watermelon from our own garden, this cocktail is best served poolside.


1 piece fresh watermelon (muddled) (70g of watermelon should give you about 40 ml of fresh juice) 
15 ml fresh lime juice
20 ml simple syrup 1:1
15 ml Lillet Blanc
10 ml Maraschino liqueur


Combine all ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice cubes.
Shake well and strain into a mug or glass.
Garnish with a piece of fresh watermelon and a sprig of fresh basil. 

Recipe for syrup:

200ml hot water 
200gr granulated sugar
Dissolve the sugar and pour it into a bottle.
Store in the refrigerator.