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    Casa Cook x Duotone

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The lagoon city of El Gouna is renowned for its superior water sports conditions thanks to shallow waters, spacious beach fronts and year-round excellent winds. Taking advantage of its prime location on the cusp of the Red Sea, Casa Cook El Gouna is the first of its kind to open its very own kiteboarding center in partnership with Duotone – one of the world’s leading wind and water sport suppliers.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional, the kiteboarding hub offers a series of classes with qualified coaches using state-of-the-art equipment.

The space itself has been handcrafted to echo Casa Cook’s signature design ethos – contemporary and simplistic, punctuated by clean lines and bursts of tropical jungle. It’s a beach lovers paradise, right in the heart of the Egyptian desert.


For more information and bookings please visit the DUOTONE Pro Center website.

Drz Casa Cook Elgouna
Drz Casa Cook Elgouna
Casa Cook El Gouna Kitesurfing Duotone Egypt Casa Cook El Gouna Kitesurfing Duotone Egypt ( ) ( )
Drz Casa Cook Elgouna