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    Destination Rhodes

    A mighty mix of contrasts

It would be impossible to sum up Rhodes in only a few sentences. But we hope to give you a little taste of this big island that has such diverse things to discover. Explore the sites in your travel guide and then keep going - either strolling a few streets away from the souvenir shops, or driving down a road to a tiny village. That’s where you’ll find a side of Rhodes where you can still delve into the life that locals live.

Coloured by centuries and with the friendliest people, you’ll come upon everything from a tavern where mama still cooks, a row of bars where people dance in the street, fishermen selling their catch off a boat, or high winding roads with weather-beaten signs pointing to a cliff-enclosed bay.

In the north, you’ll find the main port, the enchanting and culturally-rich Old Town of Rhodes, as well as its buzzing new town counterpart. Both are alive with ancient or modern culture and so it’s no wonder that this is the epicenter from which tourism has developed over decades.


Casa Cook Rhodes Greece ( ) Casa Cook Rhodes Greece ( )
Casa Cook Rhodes Greece ( )

Further down the eastern coast is lovely Lindos – a village of stacked white houses spilling into the sea and topped by a fortress. This too, is one of Rhodes’ most visited spots, so be warned you won’t be alone in wandering its maze of tiny streets. Its beauty shines brightest in the morning or evening, so take our advice and go early or late.

The farther south or inland you go, the farther you’ll leave the crowds behind. The eastern coastline is known for its beaches – long strips of sand or pebbles brimming with bars, or remote spots where it’s just a handful of people enjoying nature. Intact villages are dotted throughout, where you’ll be warmly greeted by curious locals.

The windswept western coast has a rougher edge, with winding roads descending to small and stunning craggy coves. Take a detour through the peaceful, mountainous interior, careful of roaming sheep and goats on the way. In addition to spectacular scenery, you’ll find traces of the island’s history and residential areas where traditions still mix with modern life. Whether you’re a foodie, a hiker, a dreamer or dancer – or simply a sun-hungry urbanite, we’ll help you shape your perfect escape.

Casa Cook Rhodes Greece ( )
Casa Cook Rhodes Greece ( )
Casa Cook Rhodes Greece

1 Days


Our cruise will take you to some of Rhodes’ most beautiful spots. Unwind on deck and soak up the sun and endless views of land or sea as your skipper steers you along the island's eastern coast. Swim in the peaceful waters of picturesque Anthony Quinn Bay, where the film “The Guns of Navarone” was shot. Cap your cruise at Kallithea Springs, set above idyllic coves and bays.

2 Hours


With a starting point at nearby Archangelos village, our local guide will lead the way on a scenic stroll to Epta Piges – the Seven Springs. Amble along the shady path with two chapels and a cave to see en route. And don’t be surprised if you’re joined by a sheep, a goat, a peacock or two.

For the claustrophobia-free, a 186 metre-long tunnel leads to a lake at the end of the path. The springs themselves lie in a cool and verdant valley, enclosed by enormous plane and pine trees.

The easy 2.8 km hike takes two hours, including transportation to and from the hotel.

2 Hours


The narrow pathway begins where the hotel grounds end, rising to the fabled monastery Panagia Tsambika that crowns the mountain. After climbing the rough terrain in the tracks of sheep and goats, the path enters a pine tree woodland, alighting upon the 312 stone steps that lead to the peak and pilgrimage site. Your efforts are rewarded with all-round views, including the bays and beaches of Kolymbia and Tsambika on the other side.

The medium intensity hike is led by our guide at a comfortable pace. He’ll share the history of the monastery and point out the sights. The hike takes two hours, starting and ending at Casa Cook Rhodes.

4 Hours


Upon entering the walls of the Old Town of Rhodes, you will step into the oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe. It’s not only a UNESCO world heritage site, but also a vibrant town with 6,000 residents.

The walking tour will take you through the eras of history. Its transition from a great Hellenistic city to the Greek Byzantine era; from the periods of medieval, Gothic crusaders to Ottoman, Italian and modern times. Each epoch has graced the town with its own architectural style, not least of which are the glorious buildings by the Knights of St. John Hospitallers.

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